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Last updated on November 10, 2023

At Lustig, Evans & Lucas Co., L.P.A., we understand how difficult it can be to face your own mortality to create an estate plan that expresses your wishes and protects your family’s future. However, it is because of your family and your own desires that having such a plan in place is necessary.

Our Cleveland wills attorneys are here to help you draft the legal documents required to give you and your loved one’s peace of mind.

Assessing Your Needs To Create A Unique and Comprehensive Will

A will is best thought of as one estate planning legal tool that you can use to clearly express your wishes as to the distribution of your assets and the care of your children and other heirs after you pass. You can use a will to:

  • Identify who you want to act as your personal representative
  • Name who you wish to have act as your child’s guardian should you and your spouse pass away at the same time
  • Specify how you want to distribute your assets, including real estate, personal property and intellectual property
  • List specific gifts, also called bequests, to be given to your heirs or charities
  • Describe how you want to repay your debts

One of our lawyers will spend time with you, getting to know you and your family, before helping you identify all issues that must be addressed in your will. We will then draft a will and take all necessary steps to make sure it is finalized according to Ohio law. At our firm, you can be assured that we will analyze your situation to ensure that your will properly captures your wishes.

Creating A Valid Will Can Help Avoid Confusion And Conflict After You Pass

The probate or estate administration process can often lead to probate litigation, as invalid or unclear wills can be challenged by an heir or a creditor. By taking the time to comprehensively analyze your situation now and ensure that you have a valid will created for you, you are able to take steps to protect your loved ones against undue hardship or heartache.

If you wish to gift your assets to your heirs or to a charity without requiring probate, speak to us about creating a trust or trusts.

Contact Our Attorneys About Drafting A Will for You

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