Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Representing Ohio Clients In The Social Security Disability Appeals Process

After your initial claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is denied, it is important to not give up hope. Unfortunately, most first claims for benefits are denied. However, it is possible to continue to pursue your benefits with the help of an experienced Social Security lawyer at Lustig, Evans & Lucas Co., L.P.A.

Our skilled firm provides clients with tailored representation in a wide range of SSD matters, including federal court appeals. Schedule a consultation with an attorney at our office by contacting us online or calling 216-539-8094.

Building A Strong Case To Support Your Claim

We understand the frustration that clients feel when an SSD claim is denied. In most cases, clients did nothing wrong. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is very particular and scrutinizes every aspect of a claim. In many instances, clients just need the assistance of an experienced lawyer to argue their case.

We work hard to show the SSA that you are a disabled individual who needs benefits in order to function. We present the debilitating effects of your medical challenges as persuasively as possible while providing medical records and other evidence in your support.

The Social Security Appeals Process

An application for SSD benefits typically goes through three phases, which include:

  • The initial application process
  • The reconsideration phase
  • The wait to present your case to an administrative law judge (ALJ)

Once we have collected and completed all your appeal paperwork, we submit it to the SSA, which will review your appeal and reconsider its earlier decision to deny the claim. This process overall can take several months. After an appeal is filed and is under reconsideration, a request can be filed for a hearing in front of an ALJ.

Exploring All Options To Secure Benefits

Although many people obtain benefits at the hearing stage of the process, if you are denied benefits after the hearing, there are still options for appeals. We will work with you to determine if further appeals are warranted. If so, we will continue fighting for your benefits through the Social Security appeals process and, if necessary, to the federal court.

Learn More About How We Can Help

Our firm takes the time to explain all your rights, how we can handle your rejected Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance claim and continue to pursue your disability benefits.

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